About Me

-your local crazy animal gal.

To be perfectly honest i’m not a great writer in any way, shape or form. I just really love spending my time surrounded by animals because lets face it animals are cool as hell, and if you don’t think so then why are you here?


I’m Toots, 24 year old Animal Management student from North-East England that loves nothing more than getting all up in yo’ grill about Orcas in captivity and other animal – related issues i am passionate about.

I’m not a source of all knowledge, I know that. BUT I do know a thing or two about animals and would like to share that with people, make a couple of care guides based on my experiences and share my passion for the animal industry with others. Hopefully this blog will document my journey in  the world of being a ‘totes profesh’ animal human. and who knows maybe I might inspire someone else to follow their dream and if it does then that is enough for me.

Wanna ask me a question? then here have a comment box:

Twitter: @tootsunamii

Instagram: tootsunami_